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THUNDER BEAR 4WD Archives - 2007


The Archives page is a collection of all the past front page posts of this site. If you you remember seeing something posted on our home page at one time and would like to see it again, it can be found here.


Trails & Tales

Jeeps aren't meant to be parked in driveways or collect dust in parking lots. Jeeps and all other 4WD's are meant to go off road and the further from pavement you can get the better.


Some members got together for a few runs to places less traveled. Being the great folks we are we took some pics while on our run and thought that we should share them all with you. On the left hand menu you will find a link that is titled "Pictures".


Please feel free to take check it out!


Joseph Carter - 14:58 hours 07/22/2007

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]


Jeep Hurricane

People have been asking me if this is a Jeep only site, or a promotional site for the Jeep Hurricane. The site is not specifically either, I just think its so damn cool lookin' that I gotta show it off. As I find cool pics of the most awesome Jeep ever created (in my honest opinion), I have been posting them here simply to share them with the every one that visits the site. This is the one rig I will be trading in a portion of my soul for, so please enjoy.

Joseph Carter - 23:35 hours 05/31/2007

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]


New Content

In our never ending effort to bring you the latest and greatest in 4WD information we would like to announce that we have new content ready for all you wheelin' freaks. We have added a calendar of events, archives page, and new content has been added to several other sections as well.


Don't forget to book mark us and please come visit as often as you can as we are always doing our best to bring you the best in Eastern WA 4WD information.

Joseph Carter - 19:57 hours 05/30/2007

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]




Welcome to

FoxxxTracker 4WD


The new #1 best source for eastern Washington 4WD and Off Road information.

 Please bare with us in this beginning stage of development of our site. There is a lot to do and we want to make sure we provide the most accurate and useful information as we can.


Here is a list of items, resources and topics of discussion you can expect to find here at

FoxxxTracker 4WD:

  • Community forums, give a shout out and let your voice be heard!

  • Information about 4WD/ATV clubs, groups and organizations.

  • Information on Trails and ORV facilities.

  • Information on laws, rules and regulations for ORV and Off Road use.

  • Information on detailed maps and information about trails.

  • Information on parks and camping facilities.

  • Information on 4WD and Off Road parts and accessories vendors.

  • News about what is happing in the 4WD community at large.

  • Calendar of Events for local 4WD and Off Road events and projects.

Please feel free to browse the site and take the time to register in our forums and let us know what you would like to see added to our site and we will do our best to accommodate those requests.

Joseph Carter - 15:10 hours 05/13/2007

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]

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