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THUNDER BEAR 4WD • Archives - 2010


The Archives page is a collection of all the past front page posts of this site. If you you remember seeing something posted on our home page at one time and would like to see it again, it can be found here.


FT4WD Colockum Run - NFR 9712 - Wenatchee to Blewett Pass - Video Highlights!


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Joe Carter - 19:35 hours 09/27/10

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]


FT4WD Colockum Run - NFR 9712 - Wenatchee to Blewett Pass - Update: **9/26/2010**




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Due to scheduling conflicts this event has been changed to Sunday September 26th.


We have been talking about it for a while, and have decided on a date. Sunday Sept 26, 2010 8:00 am at Chucker Hills gas station (Ephrata) will be the meet time. If we can get together early and get on the road by 8:30 am...we will have more time in the mountains!

More details will be posted in the forums as they become available.


CB's are highly, über, very much encouraged. If you need technical assistance installing one, please register in the forums if you haven't already and ask for help. Portable hand held CB's work too, they just cost a bit more.

Bring the family, friends, kids and pack a cooler. It will be perfect for pictures too as the fall colors should be gorgeous! So mark your calendars' for the 26th!

Hope to see yah there!


Forums Link: http://www.ft4wd.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=173


Calendar Link: http://www.ft4wd.com/_HTM/Calendar.htm

Joe Carter - 13:23 hours 09/01/10 - UPDATED 23:19 hours 09/12/10

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]


FT4WD Saturday Sand Dunes Run - Moses Lake 8/28/2010


We are planning on a run to the Moses Lake Sand Dunes on Saturday 08/28/2010. ORV Flags are required! by law. CB's are highly encouraged (ch 32). Any one is invited to come.

We will meet at Ephrata Wal-Mart (south end of parking lot by the fuel station) at 10:00 am. We will meet other people in the Sand Dunes at 1st pit (by the bathrooms/dumpster) at 11:00 am.

Bring family, friends, and kids for some fun in the sun and sand!


Forums Link: http://www.ft4wd.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=171


Calendar Link: http://www.ft4wd.com/_HTM/Calendar.htm

Anne Carter - 14:16 hours 08/08/10

Co-Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected] (Joe said he will catch emails for me)



FoxxxTracker4WD now has RSS Feeds. All good things come in time they say and so we have added RSS feeds to this site to help make that a true statement. Its been kind of slow around these parts for the last several months, but we are hoping to pick up the pace as it were and get things rolling again.


We have been making new friends and hope they feel welcome and can consider this their new home in the 4WD community for the Ephrata area. To keep things "rolling" so to speak, I have added RSS feeds to keep visitors informed as to what's going on here at FT4Wd.


Watch our feeds for information on up coming events, trail run info, web site additions/changes or anything else you can think of. Please feel free to subscribe and stay tuned for news and updates!


Click here to view feed and subscribe

Joseph Carter - 14:16 hours 08/08/10

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]


FT4WD Family Photo

Joseph Carter - 00:52 hours 07/12/10

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]

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